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Professional Negligence Claims

Sometimes professionals that you rely on make mistakes that have a negative impact on you and your affairs. This can be classed as professional negligence.

If you have been let down by a professional such as an architect, accountant, lawyer or other advisor, we may be able to help you claim compensation for your loss.

Professional Negligence
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Professional Negligence

If you suffered a loss because a professional was negligent, download our free professional negligence guide now. Designed by our professional negligence legal team, our guide walks you through the 6 steps to making a professional negligence claim.

Professional Negligence Claims

When you receive advice or a service from a professional such as a solicitor or financial adviser, you expect it to be of a certain standard. If the service you receive falls below this standard, and you experience damage or a loss as a result, then you may be able to claim for professional negligence.

At Burt Brill & Cardens, we can act for you to claim against the following:

  • Accountants
  • Architects & Planning Consultants
  • Estate agents, surveyors & valuers
  • Financial advisors
  • Insurance brokers
  • Solicitors & barristers
Professional negligence claims against solicitors

One of the more common forms of professional negligence is solicitor negligence, with clients wanting to sue a solicitor after something goes wrong. In legal matters, a solicitor or barrister can provide poor legal advice that causes you loss or damage. Solicitor negligence cases can involve them missing deadlines, not following your instructions correctly, and making mistakes in legal documents.

If you think you have experienced solicitor negligence then our solicitors can help.

Your Initial Consultation

To arrange your initial consultation, call our professional negligence team today on 01273 604123 or email enquire@bbc-law.co.uk. At your initial consultation you can speak to a solicitor and discuss your unique situation, what has happened, and what outcome you are looking for.

Your solicitor will discuss with you:

  • Your specific circumstances and the factors involved.
  • The law around your case.
  • Whether you can make a claim and how best to obtain it.
  • How we can help in the most time and cost effective way.
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Professional Negligence Claims

Making a claim

If you have been let down by a professional such as an architect, accountant, lawyer or other advisor, we may be able to help you claim compensation for your loss. There are three conditions that you would need to demonstrate to win a case for professional negligence: duty of care,… Learn More

Time Limits for Professional Negligence claims

If you believe you have may have a claim for professional negligence against a financial adviser or other financial professional, solicitor, architect or accountant, it is important that you investigate this as soon as possible. The time limits for making claims is set out in the Limitation Act 1980 and,… Learn More

Funding your case

We understand that you might be concerned about the cost of instructing solicitors and investigating your claim. You might also be worried about having to pay out your opponent’s costs if you lose the case. At our initial meeting we will talk through the funding options and check any insurance… Learn More

Financial Advisor Negligence

Financial advisor negligence typically occurs when the advice given by a financial advisor is unsuitable or involves too much risk for your circumstances. Products and services include pension transfers, investment products, tax mitigation schemes, secured loans, and equity release schemes. If you have been advised to take out a product… Learn More
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