Making a claim for Mis-selling

Mis-sold Pension

Financial advisors hold a unique position of trust and power over your finances, and poor advice can result in serious financial repercussions. Even the most financially shrewd of us can fall victim to negligent advice from financial and pension advisors.

Financial advisors are under a regulatory duty to make sure that the investment they recommend for your pension is suitable and appropriate for your personal needs. If your advisor gave you bad advice and you suffered a loss, you may be able to bring a claim for compensation.

Our litigation team are experts at navigating complex situations, reducing stress, and striving for the results you want, both in and out of the court room. We realise this can be a highly delicate and stressful situation and you can trust us for full confidentiality and support throughout the process.

If you think you have been mis-sold a pension scheme and suffered a financial loss, speak to our expert team confidentially today.

Pension Mis-selling
Your Free Guide

Pension Mis-selling

If you are worried that you have been mis-sold a pension, our highly experienced Litigation team have put together a guide for you. Our guide is completely free to download and will take you through the 3 key steps to maximise your claim.

What is a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)?

SIPPs, otherwise known as ‘Self Invested Personal Pensions’, allow investors to choose what their pension funds are invested in, giving them freedom to invest where they like and in what they like. So, if people want to invest in some higher risk products, they can, as a SIPP will allow them to do this. This could lead to taking a far greater risk with your pension than you are either comfortable with or have the financial capacity to deal with.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Your financial advisor should be regulated by the FCA. You can check whether someone is regulated by checking whether they and their firm are on the FCA Register.

There is an increasing trend of advisers who aren’t regulated who call themselves ‘introducers’ who receive commission for persuading people to invest their pension savings inappropriately.

Capacity to Risk

Your financial advisor should have discussed your attitude to risk and your capacity to deal with the potential consequences of that risk. They should have assessed what other financial resources you have and how close to retirement you were in order to evaluate whether a SIPP would be suitable for you.

Alex Williams

Alex works in professional negligence, contentious probate, and court of protection litigation. He also has a particular specialism in negligence claims in the financial services sector, including cases against financial advisers and pension providers relating to negligent mis-selling and mismanagement of both pensions and investments.

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