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Making a Will

Making a Will is an essential act in protecting your family and loved ones in the event of your death.

If you do not make a Will, the law will decide who receives all your assets in line with pre-ordained rules. These rules will not take into account unmarried partners or step-children, never mind specific wishes you have about who should look after your children, your pets, and your property.

You should make a Will if you:

  • Want to decide who inherits your property, savings, shares, and personal possessions if you die
  • Have children under the age of 18 – appointing guardians to take care of your children will avoid family disputes and make sure that you are in control of who takes care of your children, no matter what happens
  • Want to make sure that your children are provided for financially – we can advise on how to create trusts and put money aside for your children once they turn 18
  • Have a pet that will need to be taken care of
  • Have a long-term unmarried partner – the law will not provide for them, meaning they could be left with nothing, unless you account for them in your Will
  • Want to make sure that taxes and assets are managed properly so that your family do not have to deal with difficult financial problems if you die
  • Want to leave money to charities or other specific causes
  • Have specific wishes for your funeral and what happens to your body when you die

Not creating a valid Will leaves your loved ones vulnerable and your affairs out of your hands.

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An outstanding, efficient, personable and friendly service provided in documenting wills and Power of Attorney documents. The expertise of the solicitor was exceptional as was her patience in guiding us through the process and advising us on all aspects of the legal documents.
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Making a Will

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