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Buying Your Freehold

If you own the leasehold for a flat, you may have found yourself frustrated with how maintenance and money is managed within your building. Many apartment owners feel that their ground rent and service charges are unfair, or aren’t happy with how the building is run.

While most houses are sold on a freehold basis, there is an increase in new-build homes being sold as leaseholds which force homeowners to pay for maintenance of the surrounding area, such as gardens. Some new-build homeowners find themselves tied to unfair terms and requirements and find the property difficult to sell when they want to move on.

One way to take back control is to buy your freehold. This can provide peace of mind and usually increases the value of your property.

Our 5-star rated conveyancing team can help you to buy your freehold and deal with the complex legal aspects of the process. For more information and advice on terms and costs, contact our friendly team.

How to Buy Your Freehold

You can effectively force your landlord to sell your property to you using the collective or individual enfranchisement application. As a process laid down by the law, this involves issuing prescribed notices to the freehold owner to sell to you and other flat owners. This is a complex legal process, so getting comprehensive advice in the first instance is advised. A valuation of the property will also be required, and we can help you with this alongside organising a visit from a qualified surveyor.

If your Landlord is Selling To Someone Else

In some cases you may be able to buy the freehold in place of an original agreed purchaser. There are legal requirements with this process, and we will be able to advise you on what is necessary.

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