Disputing a Will

Defending a disputed Will

If a family member or other person is contesting a Will, this can cause further stress for you at a time when you’re grieving. You may be an Executor, which is already a complicated role to take on, or a beneficiary waiting to receive your inheritance. A claim against a Will can cause delays and further expense to the estate. It can be very stressful and worrying when someone makes a claim against an estate.

Our Litigation team are experts at both making and defending claims against Wills. We are skilled litigators and negotiators and use a combination of our legal expertise and human understanding to work tirelessly on behalf of our clients.

We realise this is a highly delicate and personal situation and you can trust us for full confidentiality and support throughout the process of defending a contested will.

Disputing A Will
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Disputing A Will

Disputed Wills are becoming more commonplace in the UK. In this guide, we cover our 5 key tips to maximising your chances of a successful claim, and how we work with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome.

Alex Williams

Alex works in professional negligence, contentious probate, and court of protection litigation. He also has a particular specialism in negligence claims in the financial services sector, including cases against financial advisers and pension providers relating to negligent mis-selling and mismanagement of both pensions and investments.

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In what was a very stressful and draining situation, Alex and his team displayed the ability to have human understanding as well as professional guidance throughout the process. Arriving at a point of resolution that enable me to save further stress, anxiety and costs. Highly recommended.

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