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Shareholder Disputes

Burt Brill & Cardens is home to a highly experienced team of corporate dispute solicitors. We work hard to resolve shareholder, director and business partner disputes as quickly as possible, minimising damage to your business and keeping costs down. Whatever the nature of the dispute, our aim is to protect the business and your individual interests as much as possible.

Disputes have the potential to damage businesses. They can be costly and breakdown key relationships. We are experienced in resolving business partner and shareholder disputes before this happens.

What are shareholder disputes?

Disputes can arise for a number of reasons, however the most common disagreements are around the direction a company is taking, a perceived lack of performance on the part of one shareholder or director, and allegations of manipulation where directors are preventing money getting paid to shareholders.

Shareholder disputes and director disputes can occur when:

  • a director or shareholder is excluded from the management of the business
  • a director pays themselves a greater salary or benefits than others
  • a change to a business’s dividend policy
  • a director does not pull his or her weight but still draws a salary and dividends from the business
  • a director sets up in competition with the company or has an interest in another business

Claims can be brought against a director personally where it is alleged that the director is acting in breach of their duties.

How to resolve shareholder disputes?

In director, business partner and shareholder disputes, it is important to take legal advice early to limit damage to any relationships and the wider business.

If personal relationships breakdown, this can also lead to shareholder disputes. In these instances, mediation can be a good option. Our expert mediators help resolve conflicts in a private setting so that a breakdown in a relationship does not go on to impact your business.

Shareholder Agreement

Some businesses have a shareholders’ agreement in place. This document outlines how to deal with issues and can be helpful in reaching an amicable outcome to disputes. If your business doesn’t have one in place, there are still options for shareholders although these are limited.

We carefully consider the exit routes from any dispute and advise accordingly. These can include winding up, selling or buying back shares. The majority of shareholder disputes are resolved by one shareholder selling their shares to the remaining members. This requires the company to be valued and terms of settlement reached.

Dispute Services

Burt Brill & Cardens have the experience and legal knowledge to effectively deal with any director or shareholder issues. We can help with the following scenarios:

  • Negotiation of shareholder disputes
  • Mediation
  • Create Shareholder Agreements
  • Achieving settlement
  • Sale of shares or assets
  • 50/50 Deadlocks
  • Litigation
Why Burt Brill & Cardens?

Corporate disputes can be very bad for business. You may feel you have tried everything and are still unable to work things out. Burt Brill & Cardens are highly experienced and creative when finding solutions that work for your precise situation.

Our solicitors can guide you through the options available in order to resolve your disputes without having to go to court. If negotiations breakdown and litigation is the only option, Alex Williams is a formidable litigator and will fight for you in court.

Alex Williams

Alex works in professional negligence, contentious probate, and court of protection litigation. He also has a particular specialism in negligence claims in the financial services sector, including cases against financial advisers and pension providers relating to negligent mis-selling and mismanagement of both pensions and investments.

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I had the pleasure of working with Alex and Daisy on a situation that required their expertise in litigation. Their professionalism, advice and guidance was fantastic all the way through the litigation process (which was personally difficult and sensitive for me) until we achieved my desired outcome. The whole experience was made as easy as possible for me due to Alex's and Daisy's empathy and understanding, alongside their legal rigour. I'm very grateful to have worked with Alex and Daisy and recommend their services.

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