Things You Should Always Remember When Moving House

No matter who you’ve got to help, what solicitor is carrying out your residential conveyancing or how planned and prepared you feel you may be, we realise that moving home can be a stressful experience. Burt Brill & Cardens can take the stress out of the legal work – but of course this is only a part of the moving process. In this blog post, we look at a list of some of the things you should remember when moving house.

Months in advance

  • Check home and buildings insurance. This is normally a prerequisite of a mortgage
  • Think about the items you want to leave and those you want to take
  • Notify your children’s schools if they may have to move
  • Check if you will have to change Doctors, dentists and other family medical practices
  • Clear the loft out
  • Remove items from the shed/garage
  • Get rid of stuff in advance – sell, take to charity shops and declutter

Checks when moving

  • Measure things up – make sure your old furniture fits in your new space!
  • Council tax – notify the council of moving house
  • Let the DVLA know if you’re moving with your car
  • Change of Address Cards – let those around you know where you’re moving
  • Contact the bank
  • Check home and buildings insurance. This is normally a prerequisite of a mortgage
  • Car insurance – address and where the car will be parked
  • Change Electoral Roll
  • Move TV Licence, Internet & other Subscriptions
  • Apply for a parking permit if required

Last Minute Checks before you Move

  • Redirect Mail to your new home for a small fee
  • Insure your Possessions for Transit – or check with your removal firm
  • Take a final meter reading – gas/electricity/water
  • Choose the day of the move – preferably when the roads are quiet!
  • Keep a box or two unpacked for essentials – tea, coffee, milk etc
  • Make sure valuables, documents and anything you might need are safe and to hand

Here are Burt Brill & Cardens we are very happy to talk to you about residential conveyancing, and help you with the legal aspects of moving house. Based in Brighton, we have years of experience working in the Sussex and Kent areas.

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