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In the world of legal services, the bond between a client and their legal counsel is an essential foundation. At our firm, we take pride in offering not just legal assistance but a commitment to an enduring partnership cantered on exceptional client care.

There is a well-known management theory that any business really only has a choice of two strategies: to be the cheapest or to be different. Promoting a business on the basis that it is the fourth cheapest firm is not a compelling message. We like being different; in particular we care about you, our client, and we want you to feel that we are on your side.

Everyone in the firm wants to do their best for our clients. We really appreciate returning clients. Best of all are clients who stay with the firm, as getting to know you at a personal level helps us to deliver better and more tailored advice. Only yesterday a client called in about selling his house who has been with the firm since the early 1960s when he bought his first home.

At the conclusion of matters we invite clients to give us feedback through a short survey. Our Net Promotor Score (which really means the percentage of clients who rate us 9 or 10 out of 10), is currently 87%. We are focussed on getting that over 90%.

We also offer past clients the chance to pop into the office for an Annual Review, a chance to sit down over a cup of tea and talk to me or one of our other solicitors about things happening in their life and where we can provide advice or legal support. There is no charge for the meeting and often the outcome is simply that everything is in order and no action is needed – but if it is we can agree a way forward.

We email clients who have signed up to our Annual Reviews to invite them to a meeting, but if you would like one then please reach out to us at 01273 604 123.


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