Do You Need a Pre-Nup?

Many people consider pre-nuptial agreements – often called pre-nups – unromantic, but probably wouldn’t say so if they divorced and found their assets seriously diminished. Whether or not you have a lot of money, a pre-nuptial agreement is something to consider if you want to protect yourself, your reputation and your assets if your marriage isn’t successful.

Divorce Settlements and Assets

If you and your partner are not financially equal, you may wish to protect your side. It is common for divorce settlements to add together the total amount you and your partner earn and split it fifty-fifty. It won’t seem fair that half of what you’ve earned through your hard work will disappear into your partner’s bank account overnight.

A pre-nup can also protect inheritances and assets you received before the marriage.

A divorce can cripple you financially and leave you unable to pay a mortgage or being forced to sell assets in order to get by. A pre-nuptial agreement works as a safeguard to protect you for the long-term if things don’t go as planned. It may not be romantic, but it’s certainly practical if you have something to protect and don’t want to face financial devastation later on.

There are time limits and other issues to sort out if the pre-nup is to be recognised by the Courts so if you’re thinking about a pre-nuptial agreement or pick up the telephone and call our solicitors today on 01273 604123.


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