5 of the Most Unusual Property Developments in the UK

There has been a developing trend in recent years for buyers to look for properties which are a bit ‘different.’ In a market saturated with convention, they break the mould, challenge existing perceptions and enable people to look at the world in different ways – finding an unusual property to develop and express yourself through is an appealing prospect for many. Here are 5 of the most unusual and creative developments in the UK.

Unusual UK Architecture

Water Tower Conversion
This unique development is in Faversham, Kent – and breaks a lot of boundaries when it comes to housing design. Due to the size and cylindrical nature of the towers, spiral staircases are used and rooms are spread over four floors.

Wesleyan Chapel, Henley on Thames
There are thousands of chapel and church conversions across the UK, but perhaps none as diverse and bizarre as this one. It’s a tiny Wesleyan chapel – believed to have been built in approximately 1880. It retains its stained glass windows and beamed ceiling – and many other characterful features that will make this property feel like a home from home.

The lighthouse pictured belongs to the inimitable Jeremy Clarkson – who enjoys living here on the Isle of Man. Since many lighthouses have been automated and many decommissioned, property enthusiasts have bought them up, developed and renovated them and now enjoy them as large and alternative houses. Not a bad view, either.

The Eco ‘Hobbit-House’
This house is a feat not only of construction, but also of financial awareness. It took only four months to build and cost just £3,000 – a pretty impressive stat considering it is fully self-sufficient and is built with maximum regard to the landscape around it. It was built by people who weren’t trade professionals, but we’re sure many would agree that it looks a cosy and welcoming home built to very high standards. You can check them out here.

Windmills have long since been popular house purchases and conversions. Their height offers a large space to develop, and they’re often set within countryside and large grounds which can prove desirable.

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