How Much Does Divorce Cost? Divorce Costs Explained

There are a number of different financial responsibilities to consider when filing for divorce in the UK. At some point in the process, you will have to contemplate how much divorce costs, and in this article we look at a summary of the charges, and look at some of the factors worth bearing in mind.

In the UK, how much a Divorce costs largely depends on how you go about doing it. There will be some costs you can’t escape, but the cost will mainly rest on how complicated your personal situation is and how quickly you want to formally process the separation.

As part of the process, it is also important to consider help from a solicitor such as Burt Brill & Cardens. They can in the long run save a lot of trauma and unnecessary financial problems and disputes between you and your ex-partner – the approach of your solicitor will really affect how long your divorce takes and how much it will cost, so it is wise to get full and comprehensive advice in the first instance.

The Court fee for filing a divorce or dissolution petition is £550. The fee includes the cost of issuing the final divorce decree (Decree Absolute) or final dissolution order.

In addition to the Court fee there will be legal fees if a solicitor deals with the divorce procedure for you. In many divorce cases, Burt Brill & Cardens can deal with an undefended divorce case for a set fee.

In addition to the work relating to the actual divorce procedure, advice and assistance may be required for dealing with issues about property and financial matters. There may also be issues about the arrangements for any children.

If the financial matters are agreed, there is a Court fee of £50 to ask the Court to agree a proposed settlement. If there is no agreement and an application is made for the Court to decide the financial claims, the Court fee is £255.

If you choose to get a solicitor to protect your interests during this complicated time, the fees generally depend on your circumstances and the amount of work to be undertaken. One important job solicitors do is making sure all the paperwork and required legal obligations are taken care of, even in agreed cases. This is something you may easily lose track of amongst everything else during your divorce.

Burt Brill & Cardens are very experienced family lawyers and can provide you with an estimate of the fees payable for helping you. They can also explain the different ways in which these fees may be paid and can offer a wide range of funding options. They will be happy to have a free initial discussion with you, usually over the telephone, to find out details of your case and provide you with an initial estimate.

Another way of dealing with family law and divorce proceedings is through mediation or collaborative services. These are structured meetings out of court to deal with the important issues and they can save time and legal fees. We offer fully comprehensive and professional mediation and collaborative law services here at Burt Brill & Cardens – contact us today or visit our mediation and collaborative law pages for more information.

If you would like more information generally on how much a divorce costs or how to go about getting divorced, please contact us.

The fees quoted in this blog are correct as of May 2018.


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