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Family Solicitors In BrightonOur family solicitors in Brighton have years of experience acting for clients from around the globe in all aspects of family law. We give clear, calm and concise advice at what can often be a confusing and overwhelming time. We will strive to understand the issues of concern to you and provide a bespoke family law service to ensure your priorities are met. We will work tirelessly to achieve your desired outcome and have an outstanding reputation for providing first-class legal advice with a personal touch.

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What Services Do Our Brighton Family Solicitors Offer?

Our specialist family law solicitors are experienced in all aspects of family law, including –

Divorce Services

Divorce is rarely an easy process. In addition to the emotional distress it can cause, the legal and practical issues involved can be complex and arduous. From the initial meeting, whether at our family law offices in Brighton or elsewhere, our solicitors will help you to understand divorce procedure, ensure you are kept up to date and address any particular concerns effectively and with sensitivity.

Our solicitors can provide expert advice on all aspects of a divorce, including –

Pre-nuptial Agreements

As unromantic as they may seem, Pre-nuptial Agreements provide certainty over how assets will be split in the event of separation. They give peace of mind to those who have been married before, have children from a previous relationship or own substantial assets. Pre-nuptial Agreements are not strictly binding in the United Kingdom, but a Judge will often uphold them provided specific criteria are met.

Our family law solicitors have assisted clients here in Brighton, throughout the UK and globally with all aspects of Pre-nuptial Agreements, including –

  • the preparation of Pre-nuptial Agreements which have the greatest chance of being upheld in Court;
  • advising on the impact of a Pre-nuptial Agreement;
  • explaining how a Pre-nuptial Agreement will affect future finances.

Post- nuptial agreements

Post-nuptial Agreements operate in a similar way to Pre-nuptial Agreements but are entered into during, as opposed to before, a marriage. They are not strictly binding but will usually be upheld by a Judge provided certain criteria are met.

From our offices in Brighton, our family solicitors have advised clients from all over the UK and further afield on the preparation, interpretation and enforcement of Post-nuptial Agreements.

Cohabitation Agreements

Many couples now live together before they are married and may decide not to marry at all. Whilst these relationships are akin to a marriage, the law treats them in an entirely different way. ‘Common law’ couples are not recognised at law and neither party has an automatic right to a share of their joint assets if the relationship breaks down.

This issue can be addressed by a Cohabitation Agreement. A Cohabitation Agreement is a straightforward way for couples to stipulate what should happen to their shared assets if their relationship ends. It can also address the living arrangements of any children. Cohabitation Agreements are legally enforceable provided they are drafted correctly.

Our expert family law solicitors will meet with you, either at our Brighton offices or another convenient location and gather all information required to enable us to prepare a Cohabitation Agreement which meets all necessary legal requirements and accurately reflects your wishes.

Second Marriages

Second marriages can raise complex issues that must be addressed at the outset. The couple may have children from their first marriages whose interests they are keen to protect or have complicated financial affairs arising from the breakdown of their first marriage.

Our family law solicitors will guide you through your options and help you decide which are best suited to you and your family. Our expert advice may cover issues including Pre-nuptial Agreements, wills and probate and inheritance and succession. You can meet with our family law solicitors in Brighton or elsewhere to comprehensively discuss all matters and raise any issues of particular concern. Our solicitors will give clear, straightforward advice to ensure you are fully aware of the legal implications of your second marriage and are happy with the arrangements.

How Much Will A Family Solicitor In Brighton Cost?

We understand that the issue of legal fees can cause additional worry at what is already a stressful time. Our policy is to be upfront, transparent and flexible when it comes to billing. We will always seek to provide certainty over fees by thoroughly assessing your situation at the outset and trying to fix a price wherever possible. This may be a price for the entire case, or where the full facts still need to be clarified, for the upcoming stage. If the complexity of a matter renders it impossible to fix a fee, we will agree to limit costs to a set amount and only incur further fees with your permission. At times, billing on an hourly rate may work best; in these cases, we will make sure you are aware of the rate charged by whichever of our Brighton family law solicitors will be working on the matter. In all cases, we will ensure that you are kept fully informed on costs and address any queries swiftly.

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