10 Things You May Not Know About Brighton

Everyone who lives and visits Brighton can agree on the fact that it is a special place with a varied and interesting history. It goes without saying that because of this there are many facts about Brighton people don’t know, and in this infographic we explore 10 of them.

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Brighton Facts

For those visitors using a screenreader, here are the top ten little known Brighton facts:

  1. The Royal Pavilion was used as a military hospital for Indian soldiers during World War 1
  2. Pink Floyd’s first performance of Dark Side of the Moon was at Brighton Dome, although it was interrupted with technical difficulties during Money
  3. Brighton Marina is one of the largest in Europe with space for around 2000 boats
  4. Bing Crosby’s last public performance was at the Brighton Centre on 10th October 1977
  5. The world’s first cargo flight – carrying lightbulbs – left nearby Shoreham in 1911
  6. The Duke of York cinema is the oldest purpose built cinema in the UK
  7. There are 85 miles of planking across Brighton Pier
  8. Burt Brill & Cardens Solicitors had Brighton’s first ever telephone number – Brighton 1
  9. There are more than 400 pubs in Brighton
  10. Brighton Pier is nearly two kilometres in length

Find out more about some of Brighton’s architecture featured here.

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