“Divorce D-Day”: How We Can Help

What is “Divorce D-Day”?

Every January, as the festivities come to an end and most of us head back to work, many media outlets report a predicted spike in Divorce enquiries.

The first Monday, or the first working day of the year, has been dubbed “Divorce D-Day” by the media for several years. While the particular day and the predictions vary among news outlets, these articles will often quote divorce lawyers and relationship experts who firmly state that this is the busiest time of the year for Divorce.

Help from a professional

It is a sad fact that the Christmas season can bring relationship problems to a head. This can mean that some couples find themselves considering the options for their future over the festive season and in the early New Year.

Many questions arise, especially if there are children involved. When the couple have children, they are often concerned about issues such as:-

  • Who the child(ren) will live with
  • If care be shared by parents
  • What would happen if the main carer wanted to move to another part of the country or even abroad
  • If the child(ren) are to be based with one parent, how much time will they spend with the other, and how will this be arranged
  • How financial support for the children is worked out

Other areas of concern are:-

  • Is the family home to be retained and if so, on what terms and who will pay the outgoings? If it has to be sold, how will the proceeds of sale be divided?
  • Is maintenance payable by one party to the other? If so, how is this assessed?
  • Are there other assets apart from the family home to be dealt with, such as investments, pensions and businesses?
  • Are there tax considerations to be taken into account?

Our family lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with all the above and other issues which must be considered when a couple, married or unmarried, go their separate ways.

Is Divorce right for you?

If you do decide to Divorce, mediation is an option which allows you and your former partner to discuss your problems in a secure environment with an experienced family mediator. We believe that Family Mediation can be quicker, less costly, and causes significantly less disruption within the family.

If you and your spouse aren’t ready for Divorce, separations are sometimes the best thing for your family. A separation agreement sets out exactly how the separation will be conducted, how financial matters will be organised, who will take care of any children and where they will live. It also gives you the freedom to decide if and how much you will support your former partner in a fair and balanced way.

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