Commercial Disputes: 5 Ways of Limiting Long Term Damage

Disagreements can occur in any walk of life. From family issues to workplace or commercial disputes, they are often a fact of life and need to be dealt with swiftly, professionally and with minimum disruption to the rest of your life.

Sadly however, commercial disputes often cause more issues than they need to – they put pressure on your business and your reputation, and threaten to damage the long term standing of your business. This article looks at 5 ways companies can limit the long term effects of commercial disputes of any nature, and what can be done in terms of mediation and moving on.

1. Negotiate Whilst Maintaining a Working Relationship

It may sound obvious, but the power of negotiation is a strong one when it comes to any sort of commercial dispute. It’s worth taking pragmatic and intelligent decisions to remedy the situation – such steps are likely to improve your long standing relationship and be productive rather than cause further disruption. Take into account key objectives, and look at what needs to be done to keep your point of view listened to fairly and with respect.

2. Know How the Other Party has failed

As in life, commercial disputes can occasionally arise out of misunderstanding and miscommunication. It’s possible neither party understand the situation fully, and to what extent failure has occurred needs to be established early on in the dispute. If you have an issue and believe responsibility lies elsewhere, you will need to be sure how the other party has failed and discuss to what extent you may have contributed to this.

3. Prevention is better than Cure

It may already be too late, but it must be remembered that prevention in any case is better than cure. Although many commercial disputes are by no means irreversible – it pays to avert them wherever possible by drawing up clear concise contracts and choosing who you work with carefully. Don’t necessarily be afraid of saying no to suppliers or propositions from unsolicited companies.

4. Avoid Court Action where Possible

At Burt Brill and Cardens, we realise that your businesses needs are specific to you. Quite often commercial dispute cases are complex, technical and niche specific – we have a proven track record of resolving issues without the need for expensive litigation. Commercial relationships are valuable, and if possible, a mediation service which retains an economic relationship is the best solution for both parties.

5. Hire a Trusted Solicitor

There are cases when commercial disputes do require litigation, and if mediation has failed you need a team behind you who will guarantee expert representation at all levels up to and including the Court of Appeal. We ensure we’re completely transparent at Burt Brill & Cardens – we will analyse your position in the fullest detail and provide an honest breakdown of costs before work starts.

As mentioned before commercial dispute resolution can be complex and difficult. It can affect not only business but personal relationships – it’s important to contact qualified and expert solicitors as soon as you can. Contact us today for more information.


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