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Best Solicitors For Family LawThe best solicitors for family law are those who understand that their clients are often facing incredibly challenging times and not only provide top-quality legal advice but also offer the requisite degree of support and guidance.

Our family law solicitors’ advice is concise, straightforward and delivered with sensitivity and empathy. We will ensure your matter is dealt with swiftly and effectively, and by being on hand to guide you through the legal procedures applicable to your case with care and compassion, we aim to lessen their burden on what can be an already difficult experience.

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How Can Our Family Law Solicitors Help?

Our family law solicitors are experienced in helping clients navigate every aspect of family law and practice, including:


Divorce and separation are some of the most emotionally charged areas of family law and practice and often involve issues relating to finances, the division of assets and access to children. The best solicitors for family law understand the emotional strain a relationship breakdown can cause, and how that can often be exacerbated when children are involved. Parental separation can be extremely upsetting for a child, and their welfare is at the forefront of our family solicitors’ minds. It is always preferable to seek an amicable resolution of a separating couple’s issues, but this need is intensified when children are involved.

Our solicitors work hard to strike a balance between fully protecting your interests and seeking settlement of the issues in the least acrimonious way. We are mindful of the time and cost implications of litigation, and always aim to utilise an alternative method of resolution which does not necessitate the involvement of the Court. Mediation, for example, offers an excellent alternative to Court proceedings, and often results in a settlement agreeable to all involved. In a Mediation, an impartial third party of the parties’ choice, known as the Mediator, helps the couple to reach settlement of the issues between them. Mediations can be conducted howsoever the parties feel most comfortable; this might be in the form of an around-the-table meeting or with the parties sitting in separate rooms and the Mediator liaising between them. Our family law solicitors will be with you throughout the process, helping you to articulate your position to the Mediator and making settlement suggestions. Mediation offers a relatively quick, flexible means of resolution and is far cheaper and less stressful than litigation.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

More commonly referred to as ‘Prenups’ and ‘Postnups’, these agreements are identical in all ways save for when they are executed. Prenups are entered into before a wedding or civil partnership, whereas Postnups come into being afterwards.

Prenups and Postnups are increasing in popularity in the UK, partly due to couples marrying later, when they may already have considerable assets of their own, or children from previous relationships. They provide a convenient, cost-effective way for a couple to state how their assets should be divided in the unfortunate event of a relationship breakdown, and ensure their respective existing wealth, and the welfare of any children, is protected.

Cohabitation Agreements

More couples than ever are choosing to live together before they marry, with many deciding not to marry at all. Contrary to popular opinion, cohabiting couples do not have the same legal rights as their married counterparts, or those in a civil partnership, and the concept of a ‘common law wife’ is not recognised under English law. As a result, unless steps are taken to protect a couple’s respective interests, one partner may find they have no legal entitlement to assets they had considered joint, in the unfortunate event of a breakup.

Cohabitation Agreements offer a straightforward means through which a couple can document their mutual intentions at the outset of their relationship, or any point during it. Whilst this type of agreement most often addresses how assets should be divided when a relationship ends, they can also be used to document a couple’s wishes concerning pertinent issues such as next of kin rights.

Our family law solicitors have assisted a great number of clients in producing watertight, effective Cohabitation Agreements that accurately reflect their intentions.

How Does Billing Work for Family Law Solicitors?

It is natural to want to instruct the best solicitors for family law, to ensure you receive high quality legal advice and your position is adequately protected. It is also natural to want to ensure you receive a cost-effective service and be keen to keep costs as low as possible.

We pride ourselves on our client-focused approach and will work with you to devise a billing strategy agreeable to you. We will aim to fix costs wherever possible, should this be desired, either for the overall matter or each upcoming stage. Where this is not possible, we can agree to a costs limit, and seek your express approval before exceeding it, should that prove necessary. Whatever billing method is chosen, we will keep you regularly updated on costs by providing fee estimates and comprehensive breakdowns and be on hand to answer any queries swiftly and thoroughly.

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