5 Ways to Resolve Landlord and Tenant Disputes

In the world of renting we all want a stress and trouble free process whether it is a temporary or permanent solution. In the most part, this is achieved through transparent pricing, transparent policies and a fair approach – however there are occasions where things do go wrong and disagreements arise. Regardless of who is to blame, here are 5 ways you can set about resolving disputes.

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1. Communicate

Communication is often one of the predominant problems in these sorts of issues. Depending on whom your landlord is it is recommendable to bring any issues to their attention at the earliest opportunity. Communication is key – you would be surprised to hear the amount of people who didn’t notice or take action regarding issues simply because they didn’t know they existed.

2. Put It in Writing

The next stage is to put it in writing – which formally documents any misgivings you have regarding the property you’re letting. Be as specific and as accurate as you possibly can – describing dates and any occurrences which pertain to the dispute. Also take into account any previous correspondence.

3. Mediation

Solicitors such as Burt Brill and Cardens offer a comprehensive mediation solution. This is a great way of allowing both parties in a dispute to be heard whilst at the same time preserving individual interests and a sense of privacy. It is cheaper than the litigation process, but can also run alongside it if necessary.

4. Focus on a Positive Solution

It’s easy to think solely about what you want out of a situation, rather than the bigger picture, and that is for the most part understandable. However a positive solution is sometimes a long term one and the repercussions of your dispute may be felt further down the line.

5. Court

The court is often the last and most expensive option when it comes to settling your dispute. As has been shown, there’s a wide range of things you can implement and a range of methods, however if you have to go to court there is a good variety of settlement advice available.

As has been shown by the latest news stories surrounding letting agent fees, the housing industry is a dynamic and ever changing environment. It is vital you choose the right services to suit your needs, and at Burt Brill and Cardens we have an established reputation working on behalf of both parties in residential property disputes. We also provide free initial enquiries – do feel free to get in touch today or find out more about Civil Litigation.


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