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Divorce and Pensions

If you are facing Divorce and starting to think about your finances, it is important to remember that any pensions that you have accrued may be taken into account when agreeing upon a financial settlement with your ex.

Every couple, and every Divorce, is different. Family Courts and the solicitors involved in each case should seek an outcome that is fair for both parties and takes the individual circumstances of each case in mind when distributing assets, including pensions, between divorcing couples.

This is a complex legal and financial area and can be overwhelming if you are going through a time of emotional and practical upheaval. The way in which your pensions may or may not be included in your financial settlement depends upon individual circumstances and requires expert legal advice.

Our Divorce team combine our experience, legal expertise, and human understanding to negotiate on behalf of our clients in financial settlements. We will explain each step of the Divorce process to you and ensure that you feel confident, not confused, throughout the process of Divorce – with our team guiding you every step of the way.

Divorce and Separation
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Divorce and Separation

Going through a relationship breakdown can be difficult enough without confusing legal jargon and worries about the process. Our free guide walks you through the divorce process, the first 3 steps you should take, and the different routes available to get the best outcome.

It has been a very stressful time recently during my divorce and financial settlement, but the way I’ve been treated and advised by Burt Brill & Cardens has been overwhelmingly satisfying. I’ve been in good hands every step of the way, but it’s the friendly human attitude that makes them different amongst the rest and that’s a calming and reassuring feeling.

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